KF94 Mask Machine Debugging and Maintenance


Reference Guide of KF94 mask  machine debugging, mainly focus the following topic:

KF94 Mask machine debugging;

Mask machine chain loose issue;

Face mask cloth layers alignment;



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1、Chain loose problem


Solutions:  1) cut off the cloth before roller


2) loose those 2 screws, remove the metal plates, so that you can take out the bad cloth


loose those 12 black handles, take out all the bad cloth on the KF94 mask machine


3)  loose those screws, find the one which makes the chain loose, then lift it up , and then tight the screws

4)  run the machine without material , and check whether the chain still shaking



2、Belt reverse problem


1) check the servo motor in the back of the KF94 mask making machine, find out the one which controls the belt


2) exchange the U/V/W joint, try to find out the right connect way.

Note: machine power must be off before you exchange the joint!


3、Cloth loading and alignment problem

Your video shows a cloth loading mistake at the nose-wire loading unit.

Solution: 2 layers should go through the green roller together.  as picture showed below


1) install the cloth one by one , turn on the air swelling shaft switch on the KF94 mask making machine


2) adjust the 4 cloth coil, try to align them at the beginning


3) check the 4 layers edge alignment after roller, find out which layer is not right and then adjust the corresponding rectifying device


4) adjust the corresponding rectifying device


5) there is a metal block on each air swelling shaft, behind the cloth coil. fix the block after cloth adjustment finished. then when you change a new cloth coil, it is still at the right position.


Notes: Just need to keep the 2nd roller tight when you adjust cloth alignment. others roller should be loose. It is the same for other unit. e.g. when you adjust embossing unit. you can keep the 2nd roller tight, and adjust the embossing unit step by step. and then folding unit...


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