After Service

1) Pre-installation services

Joycreat provides a manual for installation, and povides videos to demonstrate the functions of the machinery. 

2) User training

Joycreat provides free training for Buyer’s operator at Joycreat factory, due to the epidemic of corona virus.  

On request, Joycreat can provide on-site training at Buyer’s premises. The cost of the training shall be charged to the Buyer at the rates set by the sales agreement. 

The training includes:

  1. Installation and commissioning
  2. Machine functions and principles
  3. Production operation
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Safety cautions
  6. Daily maintenance

3) Warranty services

Joycreat offer free replacement of spare parts for one year from the date of purchase but will charge if there is a replacement of any quick-wear components,which marked in the Electrical Components List.

4) Online support

Joycreat will supply Buyers with an after-sales service through which its employees and specialist consultants will help solve any problems encountered on Joycreat machinery sold. The Buyer may contact After-Sales Service from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday by calling the telephone number provided by Joycreat. The Buyer’s calls will be put through to a Service operator, who will address the call according to the type of problem encountered. A specialist technician will be assigned to assist the Buyer to solve the problems.

5) Return/Replacement

We do not accept return or replacement on customized items. This will be further explained in the sales agreement according to the specific machinery.

6) Features and benefits

Joycreat provide free counseling and a lifetime warranty for the machinery sold. If for any reason, on Buyers’ request, a specialist technician will be sent to the Buyer’s premises. The cost of the intervention and of any repair shall be charged to the Buyer at the rates set by the sales agreement.

7) Upgrades

Provide upgrade support on hardware and software.




Shipping Moment

1) Protective film

  • Pearl foam protects the edges and corners 

  • PE protective film protects the machine from dirty, corrosion, and scratches 












2) Aluminum foil

  • Water-proof and moisture-proof


3) Wooden case  
  • Anti-collision and anti-damage, easy to transfer


4) Truck loading











5) Sea or air transportation