Mask UV Sterilizer Machine

Mask UV Sterilizer Machine

Overall length:2000mm
Working area: 1200mm
Feeding area: 500mm
Discharge area: 500mm
Height of inlet and outlet 0-200mm(adjustable)
Distance between conveyor belt and ground: 750+_20mm


1. Effective radiation of ultraviolet light source: 600mm
2. Lamp length: 600mm
3. 16 pcs 20W ultraviolet light lamp inside the machine
4. With over voltage and over current protection, overload protection, error alarm function
5. Machine complies with GB 4789.2, GB 4789.3, GB 4789.4, GB 4789.5, GB 4789.10 standards etc.
6. Machine has strongest sterilization ability with 275nm to 200nm wavelength range of ultraviolet which suitable for mask sterilization

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