KF94 Mask Packing Machine JMPM-04

KF94 Mask Packing Machine JMPM-04

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Technical Parameters
Dimension : 3080mm*1250mm*2000mm
Weight: 600Kg
Voltage : AC220V 50/60 Hz
Rated Power : 5KW
Compressed Air : 0.5-0.6 MPa
Air Consumption : 300 L/min
Control Mode : PLC + touching screen
Production Speed : 90~100 PCS/min


Adopts 2 sets of mask feeding magzine, switch automatically to realize uninterrupted material feeding.

Each mask feeding magzine can be removed separately to make movable feeding (mask).

Each magzine have 5 boxes. There are 5 box for mask prefabricated bag.

The mask and the prefabricated bag are feed together and are transported to the mask bag station synchronously.

Automatically sealed after mask put into the bag.

Optional printing machine, printing production date, etc.

JMPM-04 machine can automatically connect face mask producing machine.

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