N95 Mask Demand Will Remain High This Year, 3M CEO Predicts


Mike Roman, CEO and chairman of 3M, said that the company expects demand for N95 masks to be strong throughout 2021. 

N95 masks are considered the best option to protect against COVID-19, CNBC reports. 

"We do expect demand in our N95 respirator masks to be strong as we go through the year. We see the demand, the need, from front-line healthcare workers and first responders. That’s still our priority. We’re focused on delivering to their demand and also to some critical industries that require that N95 protection," Mr. Roman said. 

NPR reported Jan. 27 that hospital workers are still being asked to ration and reuse their supplies of N95s. The administration of President Joe Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act to prioritize manufacturing of N95 masks and other medical supplies. 

Mr. Roman said 3M distributed 2 billion respirator masks around the world last year.